Squad dates

Dates for the 2019/20 season are not yet available.  Any enquires to the Chief instructor.

  •          First Aid awards refer to Surf Life Saving SA
  •          Advanced Resuscitation will be run over the off season – dates TBC
  •          Spinal Award will be run over the off season – dates TBC
  •          Pain Award will be run over the off season – dates TBC
  •          Beach Management will be run over the off season – dates TBC
  •          Surf Rescue Certificate – squads will commence with the new season      September or October –dates TBC
  •          Bronze Medallion – squads will commence with the new season September or October- dates TBC
  •          Inflatable Rescue Boat Crew – dates TBC
  •          Inflatable Rescue Boat Driver – dates TBC


Our training officer has compiled a list of the most asked questions new members have about doing their Surf Life Saving Bronze Medallion or Surf Rescue Certificate. They are as follows:

How do I get into a Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze Medallion course?

We have courses commencing at regular intervals, to make an enquiry or register for a course contact the Chief Instructor by clicking here.

The surf club provides a number of other courses including Surf Rescue Certificate, Bronze Medallion, Advanced Resuscitation Techniques, Inflatable rescue boats and a lot more. Stay tuned for more details or contact me on the above link.

How much does it cost to do your bronze medallion?

What do you have to do and learn to get your bronze?

  • A 400 metre swim (9 mins)
  • Demonstrate Resuscitation technique
  • Demonstrate Radio communications
  • Perform a Board Rescue
  • Perform a Tube Rescue
  • 200m run/200m swim/200m rum (8 mins)
  • Surf communication hand signals
  • General beach and lifesaving knowledge

Members are also encouraged to sit their advanced resuscitation techniques certificate, which extends general resuscitation knowledge, and allows more apparatus's to be used.

How long does it take to get your bronze?

Your bronze medallion training is performed in a group. It generally takes each group approximately 8 weeks to finish the assessment, based on 2 x 2 hour sessions a week. There are of course groups that do it faster than this, and slower, depending on the commitment of the group.  A typical squad would meet Tuesday or Wednesday at 6pm for 2 hours, then add in some Saturday sessions.

Note from the Training Officer

Do not to get overwhelmed by some of the requirements of the bronze medallion. If at all concerned do not give up now. Come down to the club when a new bronze group is training, or on a Saturday afternoon, and do not hesitate to speak to the group about training for the bronze. They are all in the same boat.

Concerned about your swimming level?

Lots of people are concerned that they can't swim well enough to complete their Bronze Medallion.  The swim requirement is for average swimmers, not elite.   Get in the pool or the sea and time yourself, you'll be surprised at how achievable the times are.  Also consider that you will practice the swims many times before you sit your exam.  This is usually enough to gain the confidence necessary to do the swims.  If that's not enough, the club has regular swimming sessions during the week that you can use to improve further.

Will I have to patrol and what is the commitment?

Once you complete your Bronze Medallion you and your squad will be introduced to patrols.  Patrolling Glenelg Beach is what we exist for, we are a community service.  With patrol comes a sense of satisfaction that you are helping the community amongst other positive benefits.  The commitment for patrol is about 6 hours a month between November and March.  Patrol teams are good fun, and are very flexible.  Members are able to swap in and out of patrols in order to balance their community service with their personal lives.