At Glenelg SLSC lifesaving is taken very seriously. Members are given many opportunities to further their skills or pass on their lifesaving knowledge to others.

To begin with, new members are guided into a bronze medallion group. This provides a great opportunity to learn new skills while meeting other new members. The bronze medallion is the initial qualification that a person can gain. It is also a pre-requisite for patrolling. The bronze medallion consists of lifesaving theory, practical lifesaving techniques, and physical aspects. This award needs to be renewed each year.

After the bronze medallion is attained, there are many further awards that can be achieved. The achievement of more awards is highly encouraged by the club.

Patrolling at Glenelg involves about one weekend a month. Glenelg SLSC is responsible for the area of beach and water from the Holdfast Shores development all the way to the Broadway.

Patrols are a great way to spend time at the beach, and do not require too much work, only vigilance. A patrol group consists of around 10 people, including a captain and vice-captain responsible for leading the patrol.

Patrol Roster 2021 - 2022