Captain: Sarah Borrie

Overview / Description

The Glenelg SLSC Swim Section aims to offer all members fitness, technique and competitve skills training, for all leves of ability.

Whether you are training for State Titles or Australian Titles Championships, or to improve your overall swimming fitness for Saturday Club Swims' or just to look great in your Green and Gold bathers next summer on the beach ..... then the Glenelg SLSC offer a number of coached sessions to help you reach you swimmin goals.

All members that desire to train within training squads are encouraged to come along to the coached pool sessions or beach (surf) sessions.

Quality equipment and well prepared coached sessions are provided to assist learning progression. Coaching staff oversees every session and will provide technique assistance where required.

You don't have to be a champion swimmer.  Sessions cater for all abilities and fitness levels

Please see the Committee Members for the section leader

Training Times


Pool Swim Session (Westminster Pool)

SATURDAY 4pm Club Swim

PLEASE NOTE: Westmister Pool Sessions are charged a small fee. Contact Sarah for info.

Weekly Club Swim

Don't forget the Club swim EVERY Saturday 4.05pm through the summer season.

Beach (Surf) Training Sessions

General wading and swim fitnes + event-specific competition training in the lead-up to carnivals and State and National Competitions

All members are encouraged to get involved and inproved their surf swimming skills before the Klemich Club Swim, this session will be tailored for a wide range of abilities and the session will be based upon the strengths of the participating group.