The Glenelg SLSC offers all members the opportunity to fine tune their first aid, resuscitation and rescue techniques. Competition within these events is a focus of the Glenelg SLSC and many members have gone on to have high level success in these events.

Important Dates

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Competition Resources

For all your Lifesaving Competition Information - CLICK HERE to download the Competition Manual

The Lifesaving Competition encompasses

  • Champion Patrol Competition
  • Champion Lifesaver Competition
  • First Aid Competition

The focus of these events are 'real' lifesaving skills. Competitiors do not have to be the elite sportsman, just dedicated lifesavers.

Most lifesaving competitions have an emphasis on teamwork in stressful situations

Champion Patrol

The Champion Patrol Competition is the ultimate team event in Surf Lifesaving

Patrol Teams are required to complete/demonstrate

  • Theory Paper (20 points)
  • Physical Events (surf teams, borad-tube-rescue relay) (20 points)
  • Resuscitation and Patient Assesment (20 points)
  • Lifesaving Scenario (40 points)

Champion Lifesaver

The Champion Lifesaver Competition is the pentathlon event of Surf Lifesaving

Patrol Teams are required to complete/demonstrate

  • Theory Paper (40 points)
  • Physical Events (surf race, borad race, tube race, beach sprint) (40 points)
  • One-person Resuscitation and Patient Assesment (40 points)

The individual with the most points at the end of the competition is judged as the Champion Lifesaver. To be successful individuals must have exceptional knowledge of Surf Lifesaving, be superb athletes in all disciplines.

In short, the winner is truly a 'Champion Lifesaver'

The event is hotley contested throughout Australia , it is necessary to win a state championship in order to participate at Aussies.

First Aid Competition

The First Aid Competiton involves teams of two tackling a complex first aid situation (often upwards of 4 patients) with limited equipment and no external assistance. Competitors often include Ambulance Officers, Doctors, Lifeguards... even Surgeons.

To be a successful team, they must work together to triage and manage the first aid scenario to the best of their ability, gathering information and using first aid skills they have gained trough patrolling and a Surf Lifesaver.

Lifesaving Competition Contact Info

Competition Officer: Adam Luscombe via email