Dear GSLSC Member,

Please be advised the AGM has been re-scheduled from Aug 28th to Sept 29th @ 7.30pm upstairs in the function room. The latest notice regarding this change can be located here

AGM NEW DATE 29/9/20 Member Background Information

Dear Members

As you know, we have had to move our AGM from this Friday (28/8 ) to September (Tues 29/9).

The Board has elected to do this as e could not be confident our auditors would have everything signed off prior to this Friday, 28th August 2020.

GSLSC submitted all reports appropriately, however, it has been sitting with the auditor for a number of weeks. The auditor has an issue due to the timing of company June audit reports & audits that require completion prior to ours.

Whilst everything is done from our end, we have taken a cautious position that upon final review, a journal entry change could be requested, and this would invalidate the audit. It is key that the Board presents the finances with a fully signed off audit.

As the auditor cannot guarantee they will complete the sign off by the 28th Aug 2020, the Board felt that moving the AGM to a later date would be the most responsible course of action

Thank you for your understanding

Gina Bell on behalf of the GSLSC Board



The Club is managing to the current COVID restrictions which are subject to change. Any changes will be notified to members.

 Any questions or clarification please contact the

The Club has many roles and opportunities to support the Club and your nomination or support in other non formal roles is appreciated and most welcome.  As the saying goes, many hands makes light work.

Thank you to those members for their work over 2019/20 it has indeed been one of the hardest years myself and others have experienced at the Club. Bring on the new season!

The Formal Notice of AGM can be found here:

The Nomination Form can be found here:

The changes have also been emailed to all members via surf guard, SMS link to mobiles, updated on the notice board and viewable copies are available over the bar.



President GSLSC