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 **** UPDATE *** 26th NOVEMBER 2015

Letter to the members from the Chief Instructor re Proficiencies:


Dear Glenelg Member,

Proficiency will start this Saturday 28th November. The dates and times are as follows:






11am – 4pm


11am – 4pm


5pm – 7pm


11am – 4pm

Wet work:

We will be running the 200, run/swim/run every half an hour on the hour and 30min past. This will allow people to go in groups. In between run/swim/runs you will be able to complete other water work.

Dry work:

This will be held up at the clubhouse.

As a member your responsibilities are:

  • Attend one of the proficiency days
  • Complete the online component and bring the evidence it is complete. To access it please click  Elearning Link 
  • Sign in at the proficiency session
  • Get your card signed and when completed hand this in to Lisa Harvey

Obviously all of the proficiency assessors are volunteers, so please support each other by attending the organised sessions. If for some reason you are unable to attend any session (ie: shift work) then please contact either:

  • Kersten Stengel 0434 041 038
  • Lisa Harvey 0411 033 829

All members must be proficient by 31st December 2015 in order to patrol and compete.

 We look forward to seeing you.




Each member will be issued a Proficiency Card to use as a record of completed disciplines.   When the card is complete it should then be handed to either Suzie Macauley or Lisa Harvey.




The 2015/2016 season brings about change for our annual proficiency testing.  SLSA has conducted a review of the process and has now added an online component.   Members are asked to log on to the SLSA Members Portal, access the Lifesaving Online Courses and complete the Skills Maintenance theory tasks relevant to your awards.  Once complete a certificate can be printed from the Personal Learning Plan menu and presented to club Assessors at the time of the practical demonstration.  Please note that this does not replace the need to attend the club and demonstrate knowledge of the award.

A limited number of hard copy theory papers will be available during the Skills Maintenance programme for those that do not have access to the online tasks but to save time on the day it is preferable to do the online version.


Please see  the Elearning Link of how to access the e-Learning area of the Members Portal.


Online Theory required for Bronze Medallion:

Resuscitation (CPR)


Online Theory required for Surf Rescue Certificate:

Resuscitation (CPR)

Online Theory required for Resuscitation Certificate:

Resuscitation (CPR).

Online Theory required for Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate:

Resuscitation (CPR).

Online Theory required for IRB Crew and Silver Medallion IRB Driver:


Online Theory required for Radio Operators Certificate:


 Proficiency Disciplines are as follows:

  • 200 m Run, 200 m Swim, 200 m Run in less than 8 minutes. (Bronze)
  • 100 m Run, 100 m Swim, 100 m Run in less than 5 minutes. (SRC)
  • Signals test.
  • Complete a board or tube rescue as determined by the assessor.
  • Demonstration of Resuscitation.
  • Demonstration of Radio Technique.
  • Demonstration of Spinal Carry.
  • Demonstration of Asthma and Anaphylaxis treatment.
  • Advanced Resuscitation Techniques (if holder of this certificate)
  • IRB Crew (if holder of this certificate)
  • IRB Driver (if holder of this certificate)

Proficiency testing will be conducted only on the following dates:


28th November   11 am until 4 pm

5th   December   11 am until 4 pm

6th   December   11 am until 4 pm

9th  December   5pm until 7 pm

12th December   11 am until 4 pm.


Your assistance in utilising the above times would be most appreciated.  If you have a problem with meeting these dates please contact Lisa Harvey.