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Patrol Roster

Patrol Roster


Season 2018/19 Patrol Roster Dates and Teams 25th March 2019

Patrol season 2018/2019 commences Saturday 13th October 2018. This year Glenelg has an additional 9am - noon each weekend during January. Robert Warne and Dee are your patrolling contacts.. 

Minimal changes to this years patrol roster:

  • Same amount of Patrol team members
  • Improved IRB coverage
  • Same number of patrols per season

Contact Rob Warne, the Vice Captain or Dee the support staff if you spot any errors or any "Patrol" questions large or small.

 Click for the Season 2018/2019 v6 25th March 2019 includes new SRC and bronze members


  • All Bronze Medallion and Surf Rescue Certificate Holders are expected to be on the patrol roster. For SRC members doing their Bronze you can still patrol as an SRC member until you obtain your Bronze so you have your hours for competition.
  • Exemptions can only be approved by the Management Committee, with all requests required in writing, putting in a request does not mean an exemption will be granted. Everyone is busy - not just you..
  • Persons wishing to compete in the State or Australian Titles will be required to complete a minimum of 16 hours prior to 31 December. (For new BM or SRC holders - those that gain awards in October/November/December a reduced number of hours applies - see us for more detail).
  • People missing more than 1 patrol without reasonable excuse may be required to address the Club Committee about continuing membership - so remember if you cant make patrol due to whatever then ring your Patrol Captain and let them know as well as the Vice Captain - your courtesty will ensure you are not penalised but also shows respect to your fellow patrol members.
  • Patrolling gives you the hours to compete but also access to the gym. If patrolling hours are not logged access to the gym will be removed.