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Glenelg, Adelaide SA 5045

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Surf Ski Team

Surf Ski Team Captain

 Josh Kither

 0431 423 120

Overview / Description

The Glenelg SLSC offers all members professional training squads. These squads are filled with people that have achieved great amounts of individual success, and have joined others to achieve in team events. Our squads hold members that have gone on to compete and win medals at the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships.

All members that desire to train within training squads are encouraged and looked after. Quality equipment and well prepared session are provided to assist learning progress. A coach oversees every session and will provide technique assistance if required.

Training Times

2015/2016 TO BE UPDATED SOON...



Skis at GSLSC

  7.00pm Pool Swim Session (Westminster Pool)
TUESDAY 5.45am Skis at GSLSC


Skis at Pat

THURSDAY 5.45am & 5.00pm Skis at GSLSC
  7.00pm Pool Swim Session (Westminster Pool)
FRIDAY 6.00am Gym
SATURDAY 7.00am Skis at Glenelg
  7.00am Beginner Ski Squad Training (with Dan)
SUNDAY   Downwind paddles if conditions suitable

PLEASE NOTE: All Ski Session are subject to members attendance and may change. Any times given are "on the water" times, so ensure you are there 15-20 minutes prior.

Upcoming Events / Important Dates

South Australian Ocean Paddlers Series

The South Australian Ocean Paddles ar a a group of dedicated ocean ski and surf ski paddlers competing in down-wind events.

South Australian Ocean Paddlers are PROUDLY SUPPORTED by THE GLENELG SURF CLUB

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